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Did you know that when you join SMMC, you can sign up for Playgroups, Special Interest, and Location Based Groups to connect with other like-minded parents? We have over 50 subgroups, including age-specific playgroups and groups specific to special interests such as cooking, exercise, cultural groups and special needs. Join one (or more) today!


Join Now

Playgroups can be joined directly from your profile.

Your profile can be accessed by hovering over your name on the top right corner of the screen.

Click on Profile.

In your membership profile click on Your Website Functions > Interests.

You can select from Age Based, Location Based or Special Interest Groups.

Check the boxes of the groups you are interested in, press save, and then check the list of Forums to get started. 

Join a group now!

New Playgroups

If you don't see the group you are looking for and would like to start a new playgroup, email our membership team at and we can help you get the group started!


If you have  questions or need help, email us at


If you don’t have a playgroup leader, don’t hesitate to post to your playgroup’s forum to see who would like to meet up. You may be surprised at how many responses you get. We also urge you to step up as leader, or talk to another member and initiate co-leadership.
If your playgroup is having trouble getting started, book a few playdates in a spot that you and your child(ren) enjoy. Post all playdates on the subgroup forum. Even if there’s no response, make sure you go—experience has shown us that some people will show up anyway!

Bad weather can often derail playgroup plans. But one way to avoid interruptions—whether it’s too hot or wet for playground slides or the host is sick—is to have a back-up plan in place. You can choose a “bad-weather” spot where you’ll meet so you always have have a Plan B.

Try new parks and spots to meet. This is a wonderful chance to explore all the great places in Marin. We love —it’s a great resource that lists local parks with information on shade, picnic areas, bathroom facilities and types of playground equipment.