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Mindfulness in the Making: No Mud, No Lotus

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Mindfulness in the Making

By: Jocelyn Kay Levy   |   March 30, 2022

Hooray! Spring is finally here, at least in the Bay Area! 
Flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the sun is making all the colors pop! I don’t know about you, but right now I’m feeling the excitement of creating some lightness in my life. Between with the colder, shorter days and living amidst the heaviness in our beautiful world, we could all use a little spring cleaning. I’m not just talking about just materialistic spring cleaning—although my household, which includes my hubby, a five-year-old, a baby, and a new puppy can always use some attention—I’m talking about spring cleaning my mind! At its core, that’s what yoga is all about. Calm thoughts create a calm mind. As Thich Nhat Hanh said, “No Mud, No Lotus.”

We all know what a mess our muddy thoughts can make when we allow ourselves to wallow in them. Imagine what new life could spring into action, what lotuses could bloom if we stopped stirring that mud by using some simple mindfulness practices that are so easy, I teach to my five-year-old daughter! 

When this month of “March Madness” began, I felt overwhelmed juggling being a mom to my two daughters and being the boss of my own business. Even though it may look like I’ve got my act together, believe me, it often feels like I’m drowning in the mud, and this month I definitely felt the “March Madness” energy!

Then, a sweet shift happened inside me with the Spring Equinox. Like the lotus flower starting to bloom in the mud, I began to find clarity that right now is THE time to release. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, but right now. Spring truly is about new beginnings, finding joy, and releasing anything in your life that is no longer serving you to make room for what will serve your highest good. Spring is the time to Marie Kondo your life! Hold those dark, muddy thoughts without judging them and if they don’t serve you, bless them, release them and let them go, making way for new, joyful, light thoughts and creative ideas! 

This is the perfect time of the year to practice and chant the mantra, “Throw it away.” Whether it’s that sentimental object you know you should gift to Goodwill, or your kid’s tattered stuffy they no longer love, or a thought that brings you down every time it arises, it’s time to cast that away. Just like cutting off the dead leaves of a plant to let the new ones grow. So, this month I decided to combine our parents and kid’s mindfulness exercises, because this is something simple you can do together to shift the energy not only in your home but also in your mind and mood.

Come to a seated position with your legs crossed on the floor or on a pillow. Allow your eyes to close and feel yourself grounding into the earth. You can do this by bringing your attention to your “Sit Bones” (the bottom part of your pelvis) and then to your breath. Take five deep breaths to help ground. Now, tune into something that is upsetting or unnerving you in some way. It can be a thought you’re experiencing like: “I’m so exhausted and I’m really not feeling my best right now…” or it can be a situation or relationship that is not serving you or harming you in some way, for example: the way my sister spoke to me yesterday really hurt my feelings. 

Now, imagine you are holding in your arms an invisible garbage can. When I do this with my five-year-old, I literally make the shape of a big circle with my arms. Now, throw away whatever is not serving you. Seriously, even though this exercise may make you laugh, try to visualize yourself throwing that one disturbing thought and/or situation into the invisible garbage can. It may even serve you to do a cleansing lion’s breath or two to help with the release. 

This is a really easy exercise that taps into the lesson that we have the ability to change our own mindset! Try this throughout your month and see how you will start to cultivate more peace and ease throughout your day. Your mood and your kiddos’ moods will become lighter and more positive. Soon your very own lotus will bloom in the old mud. 

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Jocelyn Kay Levy is a mama, musician, yogi and social innovator. She has been performing music and leading yoga and barre fitness workshops for over 15 years. Jocelyn is the founder of Wee Yogis Organization whose mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness to children through music, videos, podcasts, and teacher training. Wee Yogis is also the kids yoga program for Ram Dass’ Nonprofit Love serve remember. Learn more at

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