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SMMCpreneur: Ellie Dominguez of Ellie's Essential Blends

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By Stephanie Christopher   |   May 5, 2022

San Rafael
entrepreneur Ellie Dominguez is Founder and Owner of Ellie's Essential Blends, which creates signature oil blends and also supports women and mamas through in-person healing events.


Years ago, Ellie made the discovery that essential oils and aromatherapy offered a life-changing tool for enhancing her quality of life. This realization ultimately inspired Ellie's Essential Blends: her own line of original and customized natural essential blends.


Ellie shares that, “Being a sober mama, and pulling our oldest out of school two months before the pandemic hit, I was losing it and needed an additional tool to help me with my frustration and anxiety. I took down my box of oils from Young Living and started to create blends in a roller form. Then, I began giving them out to moms in the neighborhood.” The sharing of her blends with neighborhood moms evolved into a distinctive part of Ellie's natural oil blends line: her personalized free 30-minute consultations that she offers to all customers, which includes custom crafted oil blends and education on the uses of natural oils.


Ellie’s work with oils and aromatherapy reminds us that calm, balance and rejuvenation are essential elements to living a harmonious life.


With regard to essential oils and aromatherapy Ellie notes that, “The benefits of aromatherapy work through the sense of smell and skin absorption. The oils help work on the limbic system, which is the part of the brain where emotions are stored. In turn, the benefits include positive effects on one’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and even more importantly, hormonal balance.”


A central part of Ellie’s work focuses on retreats and collaborative events which highlight her desire to support and empower women in their daily lives, offering a chance for respite and healing. 


“When the pandemic hit, in my opinion, I just felt mamas needed more support than ever before. This ushered in healing events where I could sell my oils and bring other women and mamas together in community.”


Along with lectures, discussions on the use of oils, and unique offerings from local food, drink and specialty craft vendors, Ellie’s events center on experiences involving yoga, massage and other forms of exercise and body work to help women relax, heal and recharge. “We completely sold out for our March 20 event. We also had a very successful event just this past Sunday, May 1, with Jodi McLean: Sound Healing and creating your own essential oil blends. Now we are looking forward to partnering with LUNA Mother Collective at the gorgeous outdoor property of Equip Sports Connect in Novato; with $25 from the sale of each ticket going to their non-profit. Summer is TBD... so check our website often!”


Ellie partners with the parent advocacy group Dec My Room, an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children enduring prolonged hospital stays by “decking out” their hospital rooms for a more joyful experience. “It is extremely important that my work goes beyond my business and benefits mamas and kids who are dealing with extremely challenging circumstances. My entire business is based on helping mamas. With that in mind, I’ve committed a percentage of my monthly sales to always go to Dec My Room.”


Ellie’s overall central aim is clear: to spread healing.


When she is not focused on her work, you’ll find Ellie spending time with husband Miguel and sons Mason (10) and Jordy (8).


All SMMC members receive 20% their first order with Ellie’s Essential Blends with code SMMC.


Stephanie Christopher is a teacher, writer, artist, and mom to her teenage son Drew. Stephanie loves the natural beauty of the North Bay, the music and art of our region, and the innovative spirit that is found in Marin and throughout the Bay Area.  Stephanie has served as editor of our regular Crier feature “The SMMCpreneur” since 2016 and she feels that the article is a great way to share the entrepreneurial and nonprofit gifts of our many creative and socially conscious SMMC members.
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