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CircleMoms Supports Moms’ Journeys

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By: Celeste Ezell    |   July 6, 2022


The Crier interviews Brittany and Susannah, Founders of CircleMoms.

How did you come up with the idea of CircleMoms?

CircleMoms was what we wished we had after having newborns--a community of women that were in it too and a place we could go each week to feel supported and get answers to the many questions we had on caring for our babies. We saw firsthand how isolating those early postpartum days can be. We created CircleMoms for women to feel empowered and connected instead of lonely. We want every new mom to have a safe space to relate, share and normalize new experiences, and find the village we all need. 

How many moms are in a Circle?
The same six to twelve women meet weekly– they don't have to think about coordinating. Each meeting has a topic that aligns with the fourth trimester. Women get solutions and support from our experienced postpartum doula and hear what is working or not working for other moms. They walk away from CircleMoms with an intimate group of women that support each other throughout the motherhood journey.

How active are they on the Slack group?
Women are active on Slack in between sessions during their five week circle. Slack is the platform where women can share what's happening and ask questions to the other moms as well as their doula. Slack remains available to all of our CircleMom alumni and many of the groups communicate in their own text threads after their circle is complete. 

What topics does the doula discuss during the five week session?
Each week, there is a designated topic that will support women during the fourth trimester--  birth experience, sleep, feeding, emotions, pelvic floor health, activity time and development.

What is a fourth trimester and what makes it challenging?
The fourth trimester is the first three months after the baby is born; the baby (and you) are still adjusting to this life outside the womb. The baby is learning to sleep in new environments, eat every two to three hours and still developing their digestive tracts. It can also feel like an overwhelming time for the mother while they are recovering physically from childbirth and also learning to care for the baby.

How many moms have you helped over the years?
We have supported hundreds of moms since 2018 in San Francisco; Greenwich, Connecticut; Atlanta, Georgia and now Marin County, CA and Charlotte, NC.

How can Marin moms join a circle?
The next San Rafael Circle begins in September. Visit CircleMoms for more information.

This is a paid advertorial for SMMC. 

Celeste & Daniel Ezell are parents to three children who have attended, attend or soon will attend their accelerated K-8 Micro-school. They founded Chronos Academy to integrate all subjects to a timeline with creativity, music and making. You can reach Celeste by email at Follow Chronos Academy at @chronoscohorts or learn more at 
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